On location care


  • €10,- per hour (including tax).
    Included: Company, feeding, cuddling, for calm or older dogs.
  • €15,- per hour (including tax).
    Included: exercise, training, play. For excited dogs or puppies.

Special services (eg. more dogs, medication): Price by request.


Cost (one to two cats):

  • One visit a day: €16,- (including tax).
  • Two visits per day: €35,- (including tax).
    Included: feeding, cleaning litterbox, and obviously cuddles.

Special services (eg. more cats, medication): Price by request.

Dog Walking


  • 30 minutes: €12,- (including tax).
  • 60 minutes: €20,- (including tax).

Included: single walks, pick-up and bring-home, obedience training and lots of play, fun and exercise.

Discount for regular services (eg. booking every monday)

Housesitting - Vacation Care

On location care


  • Per day (24 hours with sleep-over): €80,- (including tax).
  • Longer vacation care (starting at 5 days / 4 nights): €60,- (including tax).
    Included: play and exercise with dog or cat, training, feeding, cuddles, relaxing, walks, watering plants, emptying mailbox, keeping your home clean and keeping your pets regular routine.

Special services (eg. more dogs, medication, seperation anxiety): Price by request.

Should the distance between us exceed 35 minutes by public transportation, additional travelcost will be invoiced.

Please note my terms and conditions.

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