Daycare in your home with overnight stay


Your dog will be looked after personally by me day and night in your absence.

Familiar environment

I will move into your house for the duration of the care.


With daily reports or phone calls, you can be sure that your dog is fine.


Also on weekends and holidays.


Price 1


2 days, 1 night vacationcare

Perfect for a relaxing weekend! Flexible arrival and departure times.

  • 2 days and 1 night of continuous care
  • care with overnight stay in your house
  • Stress-free and uncomplicated
  • daily updates
Price 2


3 days, 2 nights vacationcare

For a short vacation without your dog. Flexible arrival and departure times.

  • 3 days and 2 nights of continuous care
  • care with overnight stay at your house
  • stress-free and uncomplicated
  • daily updates
Price 3


vacationcare from 4 days, 3 night

So that longer travels are relaxing too!

  • I’m moving into your home for the duration of your vacation
  • everyday life goes on for the dog
  • your house wont be empty during your vacation
  • stress-free and uncomplicated
  • daily updates
  • discount from 9 days in a row

Additional Packages

  • If the second key is not provided during the first meeting, an additional appointment will be made for a key handover. Travel flat rate: € 5
  • VIENNA: In the case of support outside the business area, a flat-rate travel fee of € 10 per visit is charged.
  • LOWERAUSTRIA: Each additional km is charged at € 0,42 for journeys over 15 km.
  • Prices are for 1 dog per household. Additional costs may arise in the event of additional work.


  • Early bird discount: Customers who book holiday care 5 months in advance receive a 10% discount on the entire booking (cannot be combined with other discounts)!
  • Students and retirees get a discount of 5% on all prices.
  • For vacationcare for 9 days in a row, there is a 50% discount on the 10th day!

Sounds good? Schedule now your first meeting.


The first meeting lasts 30-45 minutes and takes place in your home. This meeting will help me get to know you and your pet better and understand your needs and demands.


After the meeting you will receive a copy from my notes via Email. In the case of a booking, 30€ will be charged.