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Trusting companionship for a deeper human-dog connection


Modern methods without the use of punishment or violence


Looking at problems from all sides and as a whole


Ongoing training and further training through official testing centers


Individual solutions for every human-dog team

Individual settings


My training focuses on communication between humans and dogs, without pressure or force. Learn to recognize your dog’s subtle signals and how to build a respectful and honest relationship with your dog. I will show you how to communicate at eye level.


I offer you personal and trusting support that goes beyond training. Training in your home gives you and your dog enough space to deal with everyday challenges and current issues. The focus is on specific and individual solutions.


Through my respectful and holistic approach, both the dog’s and the human’s needs are taken into account. Violence and pressure of any kind are rejected when dealing with dogs. I rely on positive reinforcement and confidence-building training.

€ 18,-

per quarter of an hour

at your home

in familiar surroundings


After each appointment, you will receive an individual written summary of our training session

Variable duration

a training session lasts between 45 and 90 minutes, longer if necessary

Everyday training or behavioral advice

Individually adapted training


I am available to answer your questions between appointments

Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, half an hour of training will be charged at €36.

Travel time VIENNA: If you are traveling more than 20 minutes from Vienna Meidling, Vienna Central Station, Vienna Hütteldorf or Vienna West Station, a travel fee of €12,- per visit will be charged.
Journey from Lower Austria: For a journey of more than 15 km, each additional km will be charged at €0.50.

Social Walks

July from City Paws and I have teamed up for a great project. We are now offering social walks in Vienna! As there are two of us, we can look after up to 4 human-dog teams together.
The dates take place regularly and are coordinated with all participants. When you register for a social walk, you will be added to our Whatsapp group, where we put the teams together, set the dates and announce the location.
Depending on the level of difficulty, we will meet at locations that are sometimes more or less secluded – there will always be enough space to get out of the way! By working in pairs (and with an assistant if required), we can focus on the needs of all the human-dog teams involved.

€ 40,-

per human-dog team

Vienna area

with enough space to get out of the way

Variable duration

A social walk session lasts between 60 and 75 minutes


Regular appointments keep you on track with your training

Encounters or social walk

customized training

always informed

in our private Whatsapp group you will find all information

Social walk units can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Otherwise a cancellation fee of €30 will be charged.

Sounds good? Schedule now your first free call!


In a 20 minute phone call we get to know each other in advance. I will explain how I work and you can briefly introduce yourself, your dog and your concerns.


The call is free of charge and can take place over the phone or online via Zoom. Then we can make an appointment for a first meeting.