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About me

Lily von Lily’s Pets


every dog-human relationship is unique


communication at eye level with humans and animals


finding a solution through transparent interaction


for a feel-good atmosphere during training


Problem solving

The difficulties of living with a problematic dog can have a major impact on everyday life and the relationship between dog and human. From my personal life and many years of experience as a dog sitter, I know how challenging this can be. That is why I have specialized in problem solving.


As an unbiased dog behavior trainer, I understand that every human-dog relationship is unique. There is no universal formula, it requires sensitivity and empathy. I carefully examine where there is a problem and work with a holistic approach that takes into account medical, social and other aspects.


In my training method, I reject violence and instead rely on clear communication and positive reinforcement to steer the dog in the desired direction. We encourage desired behavior through logical learning processes and respect, based on scientific knowledge that takes into account the uniqueness of every living being.


Since 2022 Lecturer for the training “PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL SITTING” at the Association Animals as Therapy, Austria

December 2023 Finally well-rested, fit and smart again by Dr. Peter Spork

Online self-study course, contents: Biological basics of sleep, basics of chronobiology, sleep regulation in humans and dogs, Wake up! plan

September 2023 Expert group meeting of the 6th THL course with several further training courses

“Branding for dog trainers” by Lily Zrost BA
“Approaches to training dog encounters” by Marie Ferstl
“Separation-related behaviors” by Sabine Plescher
“Holistic exercises for the healthy development of puppies” by Beate Hörmann BSc

September 2023 Puberty in dogs and what it means for handling and training with Ursula Aigner

September 2023 Ways out of fear – understanding and overcoming fear in dogs with Dr. Stefanie Riemer and Dr. Iris Schöberl

Online self-study course, contents: Biological and psychological basics, understanding & recognizing anxiety, treating anxiety problems from a holistic perspective, relaxation training & social support

April 2023 Examination to become an animal welfare qualified dog trainer

March 2023 The new world of epigenetics – How dogs become who they are by Dr. Peter Spork

Online self-study course, contents: Introduction to genetics and epigenetics, How dogs become who they are: Epigenetic imprinting, Transgenerational epigenetics- Inheritance of stress and health? Is the nature of a dog no coincidence?

March 2023 MANTRAIL SPECIAL, development tool for trainers with Gabi Mayr

After European Dog Trainer by Turid Rugaas and Anne Lill Kvam

May 2021 – April 2023 Training as a holistic dog behavior trainer at the association Tiere Helfen Leben, Austria

Lecturers (among others): Ursula Aigner, Almut Badstuber, Doris Böhm, Susanna Haitzer, Karin Immler, Dr. Carina Kriegl, Gabriele Mayr, Sabine Neumann, Sabine Pöllmann-Karlik, Heidrun Pusch, Clarissa v. Reinhardt, Iris Schöberl PhD, Christine Schragel, Eva Steiner, Brigid Weinzinger & PhD, Alexandra Wischall-Wagner

Sounds good? Schedule now your first free call!


In a 20 minute phone call we get to know each other in advance. I will explain how I work and you can briefly introduce yourself, your dog and your concerns.


The call is free of charge and can take place over the phone or online via Zoom. Then we can make an appointment for a first meeting.